Welcome to AutoGradr

Welcome to AutoGradr

If you're teaching a Computer Science related course where students are going to write code and submit assignments, you need AutoGradr.

AutoGradr handles collecting student code, compiling and running them against test cases, providing instant feedback to students and a lot more! It empowers students to do more by themselves without feeling stuck.

As an instructor, you'll get access to tools to create your custom programming assignments (without writing a single line of code), reviewing submissions, managing your course etc. No more downloading and compiling arbitrary student code on your computer. No more going back-and-forth with 'runs on my computer'.

Setup your course on AutoGradr to stop grading and start automating. It's free!

Getting started

Setting up your course on AutoGradr is easy. You won't have to write any code, custom autograder scripts, or any other complex setups.

Sign up on AutoGradr as an instructor and then check out our Sample Material to see what Labs and Projects are. Try making attempts and see if you can pass all the test cases! If not, use our instant feedback that helps you figure out where you went wrong.

Once you're ready, you can start creating your own labs and projects. We have guides to help you create those. You can also start sending out the course invite code to your students so they can sign up on AutoGradr and get enrolled in your course.

Go ahead and get yourself familiarized with AutoGradr. Read our help section carefully and don't hesitate to ask questions!

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