Labs vs. Projects

Labs vs. Projects

AutoGradr supports two types of questions: Labs and Projects. There are a few important differences between Labs and Projects and understanding them is highly recommended.


Labs are useful when you are introducing students to a new concept. A single lab is a group of small, bite-sized individual questions. Students can go through a single lab in-order and progress through a new concept step-by-step. Additionally, for labs, students can make their attempts within AutoGradr without having to leave their browser. This helps them focus on the concept as opposed to setting up their environment manually.

In the sample lab above, the lab consists of 3 questions: Rain or Shine, Aced It?, What's my letter grade?. The student can write their Python code within the web editor and click 'Run Code' to get instant feedback.


Projects are great when students are ready to tackle a problem without the comfort of problem being broken down or having a web based code editor. For projects, students work in their own local environments and upload their solution as a .zip file. They still get the same instant feedback as labs and can make as many attempts as they like.

In the gradebook, instructors get access to the source code and can review it along with the output of the solution.

In the sample project above, students can make an attempt by uploading a .zip file of their solution.

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