How to review submissions?

How to review submissions?

You can review student submissions using the Gradebook which can be accessed on the course dashboard. There is a new Gradebook for each assignment. It is designed to help you quickly review all submissions and provide feedback with a numerical score.

In the Gradebook, you'll see a list of all students and an overview of their performance on the auto graded test cases.

Tip: On the Gradebook page, click 'Needs Review' at the top to filter down to only the submissions that you need to review.

To help speed things up, AutoGradr will mark all submissions that need your attention. If a student has made their final attempt on-time and passed all test cases, there is no need to review. AutoGradr automatically assigns a 100 score to that student for the assignment. However, if the submission is late or if the student has only partially completed the assignment, a manual review will be required.

The manual review is super quick because you don't have to download the code or run it on your computer. You simply have to check the submission's output for each test case and decide how far the student got.

For each submission, you'll get to see the exact same instant feedback that the student received while making their attempt. This includes the output from their program for all test cases and how their output differed from the test case. For projects only, you can browse the submission code as well.

After reviewing, give a numerical score and that's it!

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