How to make an attempt?

How to make an attempt?

AutoGradr allows students to make unlimited attempts for any lab or project. This allows them to use the instant feedback and improve their submission before the final submission is reviewed by you.


Since labs provide a code editor, the solution can be typed in. There is no need to setup anything locally, download, or upload any files. The code editor allows you to pick between the different languages that are available using the language selector. Depending on the language, there may be some starter code to help you get started.

In the example above, after picking Java 8 as the preferred language, the code editor sets up the Main class and the main function. You can type your solution in and click 'Run Code' to get your instant feedback.


Projects allow you to work in your local environment (Visual Studio, XCode, Eclipse, IntelliJ etc.) and upload project files to get feedback. Since you may have multiple files, you can zip all of them and upload the zip file.

The zip file must contain only the source code files (.py, .java, .cpp, .h, .c etc) at the top level. Do not upload your IDE's project folder as that will not work.

Other than that, you'll need to follow some basic rules to help AutoGradr run your program:

Python 2.7 and 3: The entrypoint file must be named

C: The entrypoint file must be named main.c

C++: The entrypoint file must be named main.cpp

Java 8: The entrypoint file and class must be named and Main respectively

Rust 1.19: The entrypoint file must be named

MySQL 5.7: The entrypoint file must be named main.sql

Node 9.8: The entrypoint file must be named

VB.NET: The entrypoint file must be named Program.vb and the module must be named Program

C#: The entrypoint file must be named main.cs and the class must be named MainClass

Protractor JS (End to End tests): There must be a protractor.conf.js file and the app must run with npm start

If you're having trouble running your project, make sure that you put your source code files at the top-level of the zip file. Remember to not use your IDE's project structure. Finally, use the entrypoint file names as listed above for the language that you're using.

After you upload your zip file, you'll receive the same instant feedback as you do for labs.

Tip: If you are only uploading a single file, no need to zip it. Simply upload the file and AutoGradr will run it.

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