How to enroll students?

How to enroll students?

Once you sign up on AutoGradr as an instructor, it'll guide you to create your first course. After completing the process, you'll be taken to the dashboard where you'll see a course invite card that looks like this:

The course invite card provides you with an overview of how many students are currently enrolled in the course. More importantly, it gives you a code that you can share with your students.

When students sign up on AutoGradr, they'll be prompted for a course invite code to enroll in your course. They will need the code above to enroll in your course. You can share the code via email or during your lectures.

Manage Course

On your dashboard, you'll find a link to your course in the navigation bar on the left hand side. On that page, you'll find a link to 'Manage Course'.

Manage course allows you to view who is enrolled in your course. If you find an unidentified individual(s) enrolled in your course, please contact us.

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