How to create an assignment?

How to create an assignment?

Before you create an assignment, you need to decide whether you'd like to assign a lab or a project. While we have some sample material that you can assign, we strongly recommend that you create your own questions that are suited for your course. After doing so, follow these simple steps to create your assignment:

  1. Visit 'My Questions'
  2. Choose 'My Labs' or 'My Projects' depending on what you'd like to assign
  3. For labs, click the 'Assign' button next to the lab that you want to assign. For projects, click the '+ Select' button next to the project that you want to assign. You can choose multiple projects for a single assignment. Then, click the 'Assign' button at the top of the page.
  4. Give your assignment a title. Make it short but descriptive.
  5. Under 'Select Languages', choose all the languages that you want your students to be able to use. You can pick multiple languages. If you don't find your preferred language here, please contact us.
  6. Set and review the policies. Finally, click 'Create Assignment'.


Available: Students will only see the assignment after it is made available. This allows you to create future assignments without actually letting your students see them.

Due Date: This is the date/time by which the students are expected to make their final attempts by. Students will be allowed to make attempts after the due date but their submissions will be marked 'late' in the gradebook. Due date must be after the available date.

Cutoff Date: This is the date/time until which the students are allowed to make attempts. After the cutoff date, students will not be able to make any more attempts. Cutoff date must be after the due date.

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